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This homepage is produced by 8 nations, 10 president of this homepage,
4 staffs and many supporters. And we are inviting 43 nations, 840 million special guests.
(Special guest) The countries to suffer from the starvation.
(President) Japan, Peru, Australia, France, U.S.A., Egypt, China, Russia
Children Vote Report News sources Message from world The rest days (2025/8/3)*
Vote place
for world peace(C)

Vote place doesn't belong to any nation, nor any UN agency. But, it belongs to Love, Courage and Hope.
2020/08/03 UPDATE. * is everyday change
This is a welfare group. This is not a political organization.
Vote place doesn't belong to which any politics, any religious.
Prohibition item of vote place 
- To offend public order and morals, peace, law.
- To talk about some of political parties, religion, race.
- To abuse or slander or criticize to a person, a group, 
  a self-governing body, a country, and so on. 
- To be contrary to the international amity.
- To do a political campaign.

Purpose Fund-
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Peace Opinion
If your thought is the same as Yumi,
please push a right button one time every day.
So you are joinning to Proposal on August 3, 2025.
NOTICE: The contents of all the pages will be kept and may be displayed in the museum
in the future. Vote place does not belong to any nation or any UN agency, but
belong to love, courage, hope.

Please put our banner in your homepage. Possibly, the life of 100 children may be saved. You are considered automatically by putting our banner as an honor earth citizen (group). Please register at Passport publishing office. Friendship ambassador 10-year-old Yumi
12 children ( 5 years old and under ) are dead in every 1 minute in lack of the nutrition.

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My name is Yumi.
I was born on the earth. I am a ten year old earth citizen.
I have friends in U.S.A.,Australia,France and Egypt.
I wish the world had no war. I think everyone wishes the same.
So I made this polling page.
The staff (Image Picture)
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VOTE BOX (Questionnaire)

The representatives who are chosen by earth citizens organize The World Federal (or Global Federal) Government. If it is made, every country need no army.
There is no war.
Do you agree with establishing The World Federal (or Global Federal) Government?

One vote for one citizen, please

Special guests of this vote place ( 43 nations, 840 million people )
People of these nations are our special guests of this vote place. 
If this homepage is given prize money (even Nobel prize), 
they will receive it through Fund-raising box. So please do not send prize money
to vote place. Please send them to One of Links of Fund-raising. Winning a prize record
Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba, Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Mauritania,
Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Niger,
Congo, Angola, Zambia,Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somali, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda,
Burundi, Tanzania, Mozambique, Bosnia Hercegovina, Kosobo, Albania, Georgia, 
Armeniya, Azerbaidjan, Iraq, Tadzhikistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh,
Mongolia, Laos, Indonesia, Democratic People's Republic of Korea,

Joint presidents of this vote place (8 nations, 10 presidents)
We will not receive any prize money if this homepage get prize.
Name (Country : passport number)
Yumi    (Japan    :J1-0000000026)
Ruth    (Japan    :J1-0000000167)
Sharon  (Peru     :W1-0000000011)
Harold  (Australia:W1-0000000039)
Mick    (U.S.A.   :W1-0000000040)
David   (U.S.A.   :W1-0000000051)
Janet   (Egypt    :W2-0000000023)
Han     (China    :W2-0000000027)
Helen   (France   :W3-0000000016)
Natascha(Russia   :W3-0000000017)

The staff working under the presidents

( To protect human honor and dignity, the highest position is given to 840 million people
  who need food. They have different about the race, the language, religion, an idea, thought
  and so on.)
At the time of the end of the U.S.A. and the Soviet Union cold war. East citizens gathered around a lake. Their hands were joined with the hand and a circle around the lake was made. East citizens in despair never knew what would happen by this. The circle became the circle which couldn't be seen, and spread out freely all over the world. And the circle made a cold war end with no hot war (bloodshed). No one knew that such a miracle would happened by their circle. In the same way, with that time, Citizens in the world begin to join hands with the hand by the link on the Internet. The circle spreads out peacefully and freely in the same way like that time. Vote place has begun participation in the circle, too. You are into the circle, too. We hope that the circle of the peaceful international amity, the international interchange spreads out freely. Yumi and her father