Opinion Box Mail Box

These are selected opinion.
Prohibition item of this Opinion Box
- To offend public order and morals, peace, law.
- To talk about some of political parties, religion, race.
- To abuse or slander or criticize to a person, a group, 
  a self-governing body, a country, and so on. 
- To be contrary to the international amity.
- To do a political campaign.
 Please mail to Yumi if there are contents of violation.
The world which there is no war.
There are 47 prefectures which doesn't have army in Japan.
There are troubles about prefectures Border line.
There is no war for line but Judgment of Court.
Having weapon is crime in Japan.
Before using a weapon, criminal are arrested in many cases, and weapons are taken away.
Many Japanese think Japan is most safe.  
We feel no fear of gun. 
Even if a person can have a gun, he can't stop the bomb of the terrorism.
The same is all over the world.
Police easily find criminal who is collecting parts of bomb and gun.
Because they are special parts which people do not use. 
There are some religion in Japan.
There are troubles between them.
They can not have weapon and bomb.  So there is no dead person for the trouble 
between the religion.
There is no war for religion but Judgment of Court.
There are various families in Japan.  
Ainu's family, Mongolia family, Yamato family, Ryukyu family and etc.
There is no war between families but Judgment of Court.
To prohibit weapon possession makes reducing number of dead person.
To kill a person makes hate. It makes another murder and another hate.
It makes spiral of killing each other. 
There is no such things in Japan.
In Japan, We have prohibiting weapon possession.
If whole world do the same, we will have happy and safe.
                                                     1999.5.15  a Japanese

Who first said  King is naked?
Remember a naked king's story.
It was a child that first said that a king was nakedness .
Now Children know International anarchy is not good.
And only children have ability to say this.
Please give children  their future.
Please do not break the earth by war playing like child.
The earth is not play place for war playing .
                                         1998.10.25 Yumi

I like this Words.
While men talk of the "search for peace," we know that peace is not something 
to be discovered suddenly.
Peace must be build --- step by painful, patient step.
And the building will take the best work of the world's best men and women.
It will take men whose cause is not the cause of one one nation but of all nations.
                                                          Lindon B Johnson  

                                                           1998.06.30   Hiroshi