Link of
the peace
International Anarchy
End Clock
This is not political message.
This is a child page.
Do not take serious.
We just hope to make real vote box.
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End clock
The rest
The United States scientist group thinks 
the rest time for Final nuclear war.
The notice of the atomic energy scientists
The bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 
Survival clock
The rest

This is The rest days of International anarchy 
( Nuclear weapons 5 power System ).
It will start by peaceful legal process
from that day.  ( 2025/8/3 Assumption)
We study for this, and we think this is the day
which start something peacefully legally.
If this is wrong, we are very very sorry. 
Mankind has two clocks. End clock and Survival clock.
Which is faster to reach 0 ?
Simply, End clock is faster. It is too late unless miracle happen.

But we believe miracle will happen. 
You have a right to choose a clock. Which do you support?
Adult who can't decide to do it or not to push a nuclear button 
for the National defense.
Yumi who is a 10 years old child wants to get her future.
She has no weapon.
Adult and child are fighting for their each wish.

If Yumi does her best, miracle will happen. We hope so.
We hope adult mass communication will follow Yumi.
We hope adult Government will follow Yumi.