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Vote place
for world peace
Passport Peace
1000 cranes
This page is for the child who can not read adult pages.
We cut off an useless items for chilren.
If you understand adult pages, use adult pages.
Please use the back button on the above left,
when you want to return to this page.
How to get the earth citizen passport:
You need a helper who can read adult pages.
Please ask your mother for help.

My name is Yumi.
I was born on the earth. I am a ten year old earth citizen.
I have friends in U.S.A.,Australia,France and Egypt.
I wish the world had no war. I think everyone wishes the same.
So I made this polling page.

The representatives who are chosen by earth citizens organize The World Federal (or Global Federal) Government. If it is made, every country need no army.
There is no war.
Do you agree with establishing The World Federal (or Global Federal) Government?

One vote for one citizen, please

If your thought is the same as Yumi,
please push a right button one time every day.
So many adults come to think about a child's thing.
My wish is
the same.

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