the signal
How to predict earthquake
This is just the personal opinion. Even if my opinion is wrong,
we can not take any responsibility at all.
We permit only the one's that this point could be approved to see this page.
We think that the occurrence of the big earthquake has
three kinds of influences.

1.An influence from the universe
  The water of the sea goes up and down by the lunar influence.
2.An influence due to the atmospheric pressure
  The energy of the tornado is very big.
  A difference in the atmospheric pressure has strong energy.

3.The distortion of the ground
  When plate moves, distortion becomes big gradually.
  The final grade of the distortion, just before the big
  earthquake,   A kind of electric energy occurs.
  So, an animal starts an unusual action.
  The thing which isn't usually seen,like earthquake cloudy
  weather, red moon, and so on are seen in the nature.
  This is equal to the earthquake sign.
  A decision is difficult because another thing sometimes
  makes the same.

The score of a big earthquake possibility

1.An influence from the universe(the moon, the Mercury, etc.)
  0 Point   None
  1 Point   a little
  2 Point   some
2.the atmospheric pressure influence
  0 Point   None(Others)
  1 Point   a little(High pressure)
  2 Point   some(from low pressure to high pressure)
3.the ground distortion
(Informations from the research meeting of Earthquake sign)
  1 Point   a Phenomenon by human watching
  2 Point   a Phenomenon by the machine and so on

Please add three kind of scores.
So you can find next day possibility.