Mail from Boyko Iliev 2016/08/21 update
Mail from Boiko  NO 25.    2016/08/20 16:51

Hello Father of Yumi,

Are you remember ?

I am Boyko from Bulgaria. I wrot my earthquake predictions in this forum:
I search Big One and wrot predictions. You can visit my discovery that Earth axis shaking as pendulum. Visit General Sciences.
If you wish I will send All files with my predictions. For August to August 15 probability is 73% with error 7h 23m.
I can predict All earthquakes but not free time.
You can download my Exhibition: Predicted earthquakes in Bulgarian newspapers:
My web site:
Facebook: Boyko iliev
If you can let some journalist verify my forecasts and publish in newspapers in Japan. Bu I wish publish my Bank Account and peoples let makes evaluation in my Bank Account. My Bank Account is in my web site in Page: Donate
GSM: +359 2 (0)889 874 452
Thank you Mr.
Mail from Boiko  NO 24.

Subject: Boyko earthquakes
   Sent: Saturday, October 03, 2009 10:57 PM
   From: "Boyko Iliev" 
     To: "Sir Father of Yumi" 

 To the Sir Father of Yumi,
 If you are interested about my earthquake forecasts, please open my web-site:

 There are earthquake forecast for Tokyo, Japan for 10/06/2009
 Thank you.

 If you are interested this, I am teacher of KOTOOSHU in the past and want somebody will tell of KOTOOSHU about forecast for Tokyo.Thank you.

 Boyko Iliev
 /Consultant by earthquakes in the Bulgarian television bTV,"Seismograph"/
Mail from Boiko  NO 23.

 Subject: world sceince earthquake prediction
    Date: 2009/05/20 16:56
    From: Boyko Iliev 
      To: Sir Father of Yumi 

Dear Sir Father of Yumi,

In YouTube you see more than 3000 world science earthquake forecasts for 2009 must write: BoykoIliev2008
All forecasts from 7th of January to 31st of December 2009 wrot here:
Earthquake forecasts earlier in Italian forum:
Earthquake forecasts in American Forum:

Part of theory: The plate tectonic NOT makes the earthquakes. The moon makes the earthquakes.

Check out forecasts for:
1. Costa Rica for 9th of January 2009 ( 1 day mistake )
2. Afghanistan for 17th of April 2009 ( without mistake )
3. Northern Italy for 4th of April 2009 ( 1 day mistake )
4. Mexico for 28th of April 2009 ( 1 day mistake )
5. Equador for 10th of May 2009 ( without mistake )
6. Panama for 8th of May 2009 ( wothout mistake )
7. Bulgaria for 7th of April 2009 ( 1 day mistake )
8. Bulgaria for 9th of May 2009 ( 1 day mistake-10 minutes )
and etc.

This is forecast for Romania: On the (16-17)th of May 2009, 13h 20min., M4,1
This is forecast for Macedonia: On the 6th of August 2009. M6,1
(See forecasts in YouTube).

1. 1 day mistake-this is normal
2. Method predicted only date and location, but not predicted the magnitude.
3. I am search contact with Giampaolo Giuliani who predicted the earthquake in Central Italy, Abruzzo, L'Quila.

Can we create equip and make evacuation.
Mr. Giuliani predict the power of earthquake and I am predict the date of earthquake.
Please, write in your newspapers this information.
Thank you.

GSM: 359 2 0895 324 888

Boyko Iliev
/ Consultant by earthquakes in the Bulgarian television bTV, "Seismograph" /

Mail from Boiko  NO 22.

 Subject: forecasts for April 2008
    Date: Monday, April 14, 2008 3:27 AM
    From: Boyko Iliev 

Dear Sir,

In my web site have forecasts for April 2008.
more than 800 locations in world.
if locations are repeat,this is sign of more
possibability to happend earthquake.

With Respect: Boyko Iliev 
Mail from Boiko  NO 21.

 Subject: Boyko Iliev
    Date: 2007/09/07 19:06
    From: Boyko Iliev

Dear Sir,

If you are interested about my earthquake prediction, please copy from here: and replace in your site.
I have a solicitation for you. I am looking for issue for Japan 
or other country whi issued my " Earthquake Calendar " for 2007 
with more 200 dates and lokations in the World.
The price of calendar is about 5-10 euro.
Calendar is A4, broshure.For me 40% and for issued-60%.
I am buy computer and earthquake predictions are more.

Boyko Iliev
(reply from  Earthquake Signal)
I can not help you with money. Sorry.
But I can introduce your mail in my site.